Retail Recruitment

Retail drives our national economy and retail is the growth engine for many cities and municipalities. Yet attracting quality retailers remains challenging. Retail Recruitment – our newest service line – attempts to solve the problem. Indigo Retail Recruitment (“IRR”) was formed with the

purpose of helping cities and municipalities improve their retail base, as well as attract and retain new retailers and restaurants to their community.

IRR provides consulting services, but we are not simply advisors providing information to you. We serve as your retail recruitment partner, and we are unique in that we are strategic and process-oriented. As such, we have developed a proprietary system for retail recruiting called The Attraction System.

For more information on IRR or to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consulting call to discuss your retail recruitment needs email the IRR team at

Featured Client: The City of Fort Wayne

We are currently recruiting retail for The City of Fort Wayne.
South Fort Wayne