Project Leasing

Uncovering the unique potential of retail properties and transforming them into vibrant shopping destinations begins with merchandising. Indigo’s comprehensive merchandise plan becomes the keystone of all our leasing decisions and drives NOI going forward. We understand how to carefully craft the ideal mix of national, regional and local tenants, and our clients reap the benefits of our relationships with the nation’s key retailers.

Successful malls today must give time-starved shoppers a compelling reason to visit a particular shopping venue-and that motivation is directly linked to the unique experience that a mall owner provides.  Mall owners need to create powerful retail destinations and great leasing is the cornerstone of creating that environment.

Maximizing All Revenue Streams — #1 Goal of Retail Leasing

Leasing is about more than just filling space. We believe leasing is part-science, part-art, but above all great leasing leads to maximizing the value of an asset.

It Starts with Merchandising

Great leasing starts with merchandising. Indigo will conduct an intensive merchandise planning process that produces a merchandise plan which becomes the keystone of all of our

leasing efforts.

We take a very disciplined and process-oriented approach to leasing. Using the merchandise plan as our guide, we gear all of our leasing decisions to maximizing tenant sales and therefore ultimately higher rents.

Rent Maximization

In order to maximize the rent opportunity, we rely on knowledge.  We strongly believe there is not a market rent per se for a mall.  Rather rent is function of sales and our approach is to sell the volume opportunity to the retailer and then work towards maximizing the rent by using the affordability approach. Said differently, the rent is negotiated based on the projected sales and not simply a proforma number.