The Indigo Team

Indigo specializes in reinvigorating and repositioning obsolete or underperforming shopping centers and malls, giving the center a new reason to exist in the community it serves. While shopping never goes out of style, the ways in which consumers choose to make their purchases are continually evolving. Consequently, the spaces and places where those commercial and social transactions take place must continue to provide diverse and appealing environments in which to conduct them. As shopping centers become outdated, continual investment is needed to not only meet the needs of basic maintenance, but also to satisfy the expectations of discerning consumers. Indigo has built its reputation within the industry for our proven ability to respond to this evolving retail real estate dynamic.

Led by a dedicated team of proven industry professionals, Indigo’s combination of experience and expertise is an extraordinary resource for our clients. Indigo executives boast a diverse background that includes experience in leasing, consulting, acquisitions, investment sales, and retail development.